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  • Motioner och propositioner till Höstmöte#2

    Motioner och propositioner till Höstmöte#2

    Motioner: Motion angående Internationaliseringskommitténs namn Motion angående valberedning Motion ang rustmästeri Motion-styrdokument (bilagor kommer) Propositioner: PropositionBalK Proposition angående sektionsbil

  • Nomineringar till Höstmöte#2

    Nedanstående dokument innehåller nomineringar till Höstmöte#2. Motnomineringar skall vara Styrelsen till handa på johancarlfredrik.andersson@gmail.com senast kl. 17.00 på fredag 20/11. Nomineringar

  • @itek.chalmers.se emails are down!

    Important message: All @itek.chalmers.se emails are malfunctioning at the moment. If you wan’t to get in touch with someone in the Board, use the email johancarlfredrik.andersson@gmail.com instead of info@itek… and vbrigel@gmail.com for ordf@itek… until further notice! Cheers!

  • The elections during Höstmöte#2

    The elections during Höstmöte#2

    The elections during Höstmöte#2 Höstmöte#2 is coming up and the Board is thrilled! This is also our third opportunity in history to try our electronic voting system, and that is of course what we will do! How the election works! The elections is a closed process in which every member, that is present at the meeting are aloud to cast a vote....

  • Invitation to Höstmöte#2

    Invitation to Höstmöte#2

    All members of the student body of Industrial Engineering and Management are hereby invited to the second student body meeting of the semester, Höstmöte#2! Date: November 21th Time: 14.00 Place: Vasa A   Preliminary agenda: Preliminär dagordning   Yours truly! // The Board


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TIMES Junior – 28 Nov 2015
Vasa A klockan All Day 

TIMES LQ – 29 Nov 2015
Vasa A klockan All Day 



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